What is Whey Protein and Why is it Important?

What is Whey Protein and Why is it Important?

As high protein diets become more and more popular, it is important to understand the reason why protein is so critical. If you’re considering different diet options, you’ve heard the phrase “to lose weight, you need to take in fewer calories than you burn”. Eating protein boosts the metabolic rate (calories out) and reduces your appetite (calories in) which creates a caloric deficit, ultimately assisting in weight loss. Ryno Power chooses to use whey protein over other protein options, because of the speed at which whey protein becomes fully metabolized and its great taste!

Whey protein is a term often tossed around in the supplement world with little to no understanding of what it is. Whey protein is a highly refined ultra-filtered protein made from milk which leaves most of the fat and lactose behind. The three types of whey protein Ryno Power uses are whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, and hydrolyzed whey protein.

Whey protein concentrate is the most readily available form of whey that increases dietary protein intake and helps build or maintain lean muscle while reducing fat tissue. Whey protein isolate is a result of multiple folds of filtration. The isolates undergo multiple levels of filtration to remove lactose and fat content without altering the biological activity. WPI has all essential amino acids, is the purest form of whey and has lactose levels of less than 1% which makes it easily digestible and allows even lactose intolerant people to use it. Hydrolyzed whey protein is pre-digested which means it releases aminos at a faster rate and the digestion process is quicker.

Now that you understand the different whey protein options, it is important to understand the reason we use all three. As mentioned above, whey protein concentrate makes up 50% of the blend and is the slowest to break down which assists in maximizing muscle hypertrophy. Next, whey protein isolate is the second fastest to break down and is very easily digested. Finally, hydrolyzed whey protein breaks down the quickest and replenishes the muscles immediately. Using the blend of all three provides a continuous flow and supply of rich nutrients to the muscles and blood stream. It helps increase stamina, recover faster, develop explosive power, build and maintain a stronger physique and feel great throughout the day.  

Ryno Power’s protein is comprised of only eight total ingredients. The protein contains no artificial flavors, no fillers, no thickeners and no xanthan gum which is often found in competitor’s protein. The chocolate protein specifically, is made with real, organic raw cacao for a delicious chocolate flavor. The seven other ingredients include: Himalayan salt added for its abundant minerals which helps regulate the water content throughout the body, the whey protein combo, glucose polymers for a proper carb: protein ratio to enhance recovery, a BCAA blend to promote muscle protein synthesis and increase muscle growth over time, organic cane juice extract (unrefined sugar) and stevia. This protein is essential to rebuild and refuel after a long day or training or racing. It can also be used as a meal replacement as it offers 27g of protein and less than 200 calories per serving.




Almond Joy Smoothie

1 & 1/2 Cup Unsweetened Almond Milk

1/2 Cup Coconut Water

2 Scoops Chocolate Protein Powder

2 tbsp Almond Butter

2 Frozen Bananas


Raspberry Chia Smoothie

1 Cup Water

2 Scoops Chocolate Protein Powder

1/2 Cup Frozen Raspberries

1 tbsp Chia Seeds

1 tbsp Cocoa Powder

Combine ingredients, blend